Temporarily Interrupting Mindsets

(A Strategic Reset)
Everyone has had times when they get stuck in a mental rut or a negative cycle. TIM is an action-oriented approach to creating a pause. A pattern interrupt is strategically placed to allow for a critical reset.

Lemons to Laughs

Get ALL the good the day has to give

“You will never look at lemons the same way again.”

If you really want to influence people, you need to get them engaged. 

Tim’s keynote is a perfect blend of jaw-dropping magic, face-hurting laughter, and mind-blowing insight! This presentation is specifically designed to grab attendees by the face and not let them go till the end.



The Gratitude-Attitude-Behavior-Environment (GABE) training is a way to harness the excitement created in the keynote and customize it for the individual groups who want to put it into practice.


The Magic of Comedy

Tim Gabrielson is not your average entertainer — a magician since the tender age of 12, Tim has developed a quick wit that’s only rivaled by his impeccable sense of (clean) humor.