Tim’s entertaining program is a perfect way to reward employees or enliven a group.

Regardless of varying entertainment tastes, it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t intrigued by magic. Combine that with our love of comedy and it’s no wonder Tim Gabrielson has taken the country by storm. Using quick wit, interactive magic, and a playful spirit to connect with his audience, Tim focuses on his underlying theme of “Keep It Funny” and takes the audience along on the comedic journey. He masterfully weaves a subtle, uplifting message throughout his show and leaves the audience thoroughly entertained, enlivened, and inspired.

Tim’s “Keep it Funny” philosophy, as highlighted in his signature book, Lemons to Laughter, is apparent throughout his laugh-a-minute show. Tim performs for more than one hundred events each year. His vast appeal makes his show relevant for all audiences. Whether Tim is performing for corporations or collegiate auditoriums, the audience leaves both thoroughly entertained and truly motivated.

As an entertainer, what makes Tim different from the many other “Comic Magicians”?

A winning entertainment experience is hard to gauge…some say it’s by applause, others by audience interaction. Regardless of the unit of measurement, comic magician, Tim Gabrielson has proven his amazing show is a hit with all audiences. He uses his comedic prowess and mastery of magic to take his audience on a captivating adventure every time he steps on stage.

Over the past 20+ years Tim’s show has evolved to include a wonderful silver lining message about making intentional choices to be happy.

Tim’s shows have exceeded 360 in a single year and he has averaged over a hundred events per year for over the past decade. This has provided limitless exposure to every imaginable audience, which gives him the additional ability to interact with any crowd.