Here are some suggestions to create the best environment for Tim’s performance.

  1. Hold the event in the smallest room, which will comfortably hold all your attendees. A close atmosphere makes for a much better energy and crowd dynamic. The key is to have as little open space as possible.
  2. If the event will be held in a ballroom or similar room be sure to have the stage as close to the audience as is reasonably possible. You don’t want a large space between the stage and the first row. Closer proximity makes for a better connection between Tim and the Audience.
  3. If the audience is seated at tables, set the tables as close together as possible, allowing of course for walking and servers, as this, again, creates a better energy in the room.
  4. When introducing Tim, please use the introduction provide on this website or an approved version and refrain from reading Tim’s bio.
Print The Room Set-up