The top 10 tips to help your event run smoothly

  1. Tim can perform for 15 minutes to 90 minutes. Often, clients think that 75-90 minute show is what they want. But, with their event and agenda they really should have a 30- to 45-minute show. Event nights can get long, and it is nice to leave an audience feeling energized and wanting more. Less may actually be “more”!
  2. Try to avoid having Tim Start while attendees are eating main meal. Always request that the wait staff not clear dishes during Tim’s show. It is a major disturbance for your guests.
  3. Keep things moving along throughout the evening. Often people are done eating and are just sitting and waiting for things to happen. Dessert shows often work great. As soon as the staff serves dessert, the act is introduced and the show gets rolling. People in the audience generally like this schedule.
  4. Give some thought as to how to best set up the room. Sight lines are important. (for more info, check out The room Set-up on this site)
  5. Try not to have a break between your emcee, the dinner, or your presentation, and the start of Tim’s show. Once people get up and moving, it is hard to get them back and focused. Things should be ready to go, and Tim will be all set so he can jump on stage and keeps the evening flowing.
  6. Due to the many rolls people play in organizations, try to have someone who is energetic and articulate do the emcee work for your event. (Or hire Tim to also emcee your event) In either case, it makes the night a whole lot better for your guests. Make it easy – use the introduction on Tim’s site and do not read the bio as Tim’s introduction.
  7. Make sure you allow enough time and space for Tim to get set up and perform properly. If possible, Tim would prefer to have everything set up and have his sound and light check finished before your group comes into the room.
  8. Make sure you pay attention to the little details required to make the show the best it can be. Stage size, power needs, adequate sound, good lighting, and set-up time, are all things that create a situation where a show can be at its very best.
  9. Even if there was a committee that decided to have Tim entertain, speak, or emcee your event. Have one-person act as a contact for Tim prior to the day or night of the event. Things get mixed up when three different people are telling Tim three different things.
  10. Lastly, relax and enjoy your event, knowing that you have picked a great entertainer, speaker, and emcee that will guarantee to make you (the person responsible for selecting Tim) look like the STAR.
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