Consumers Cooperative Association – Mega Foods, Marts, Fuels

I want to thank you for your amazing performance at our employee Christmas Party in December.  I couldn’t have asked for a better performance or a better evening!

As the party coordinator, I knew that I would be responsible if our diverse group of employees didn’t appreciate comedy and magic as much as I do.  We were all in for a pleasant surprise.

Your performance was outstanding!  Simply in anticipation of your performance, many employees whom I’ve never seen at these events attended.  We had the best turnout of any employee function yet, record numbers of employees stayed well into the evening, and you had all 425 of us like putty in your hands.  We were all kept on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the next mind-boggling trick or the next laugh.  Personally, I don’t remember ever laughing so hard.  That evening I was showered with compliments about your performance; and I continue to hear compliments for weeks after.  The most rewarding part of the evening, though, was knowing  how much everyone there truly enjoyed the experience.  (After all, how often do we get to see the President of the Board lose $100, or our store manager with a bag over his head?)

Thanks to your performance, the event was a huge success!  I accepted many compliments for your performance over the past few weeks, and even got much of the credit for the great evening.   But I must give credit where credit is due and sincerely thank you for making this year’s party such a success.

Thank you for helping me to look so good!