Full Circle Financial

As the person responsible for putting together a memorable,exciting program or event, the last thing you need is to hire someone and then hold your breath hoping he’s not a flop.  Well, if you hire Tim, I can tell you this–you won’t be able to breath, but it will be because one minute you are laughing so hard your cheeks hurt, and the next, his magic has completely taken your breath away.  Tim has a quick wit, impeccable comedic timing, and an ability to draw in the crowd quickly. Take it from someone who has hired Tim countless times over the past 12 years (every chance I get) at a wide variety of venues and for various types of events, this is the entertainer no audience should miss the chance to see!  The quality is consistent, and he is great to work with in planning your event.  I can’t recommend Tim highly enough if you want to rest easy and be confident in your choice for entertainment.  I just hired him again for an event this Summer–I could use a good laugh, so I’m excited!