JTI, Inc.

I would be remiss if I didn’t follow up and thank you again for making a major contribution to the success of our annual holiday party and safety recognition dinner.  You did an outstanding job of bringing a large crowd in a large room “into” the entire program.  Your ability to move through the audience and make everyone feel important and involved was exemplary.  You also possess an outstanding ability to select members of the audience to participate in your program in such a manner as to entertain everyone, but not embarrass your subjects.

What was even more outstanding was your calm, professional demeanor in putting on a full complete performance, despite the fact that “Brand X Airlines” delivered your props but seconds before you were to go on and never did get your wardrobe to you until after the show.  Such “coolness under fire” should not go unrecognized and evidences the mark of a true professional.

It was also significant that you tailored your show to our audience, our industry and our personnel.  Do not hesitate to refer anyone to me for both a reference and additional information concerning your skills and abilities.

Again, Tim, thank you very much for helping us wind up our evening and our year on a very high note.